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Math Preparation for Intermediate Economics Classes 

The reading materials, quizzes, and practice questions on this site aim to provide a review of basic calculus for use by students taking or planning to take intermediate economics courses (EC 2100/ 2200 required courses).

The resources on this website do not aim to provide a complete list of examples of the mathematics required to do well in the EC 2100/2200 required courses. However, the resources and quizzes should give you a good idea of where you stand, and scope to review some basic concepts to improve your math skills in the following areas: (i) linear functions and graphs, (ii) solving simultaneous linear equations, (iii) derivatives and their uses, and (iv) partial derivatives and their applications.

To access the quizzes and resources, please click the link below which is applicable for your program or courses:

Math Prep for EC 2100 Required Courses

Math Prep for EC 2200 Required Courses

Honours Specialization in Global Economics

Approved list of courses with international/global content available to students in Honours Specialization in Global Economics:

Global Economics Courses