Program Information

The Department of Economics offers a wide range of undergraduate programs that are designed for motivated students who wish to excel. Graduates of these programs go on to pursue careers in many fields including business, finance, economics, government and public policy, international affairs, and law. Students who complete our Honors programs are well prepared for post-graduate study.

The Honors Specialization in Economics provides rigorous, in-depth training in economic theory and methods, as well as their application to real world policy issues. It is well-suited for students with good math skills and provides the training required for graduate studies in economics or finance.

The Honors Specialization in Global Economics is designed for students interested in global issues and international careers. It provides students with the basic tools of economics as well as the knowledge needed to understand international issues and the global economy. This module is multi-disciplinary, and students can easily combine this program with a major or minor in language or other area of international studies. Studying abroad opportunities through one of our international exchange programs can be easily incorporated into this module.

The Honors Specialization in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics is intended as a high-quality, challenging and selective program that prepares students for professional and graduate programs and leadership roles in domestic or international politics, law, public policy, economics and business. It will replace our existing Honors Specialization in Economics, Politics & Philosophy module.

The Ivey/Economics Combined Degree, Ivey/PPE-E, and Ivey/PPE-P combined degree programs are administered on behalf of the Richard Ivey School of Business and the Department of Economics in the Faculty of Social Science. The combined degrees are five-year programs leading to a BA in Honors Business Administration (HBA) and a BA (Honors) in Economics in one of the Honors Specialization modules offered in the Department of Economics. These programs provide an excellent opportunity to obtain both business management skills and the economic background or the PPE interdisciplinary background to put them to good use.

The Major in Economics and the Major in Financial Economics provide a strong foundation in economic concepts and tools, as well as their application to the real world economy and public policy. These modules are often combined with the study of another discipline as part of an Honors Double Major degree.

The Economics Specialization is aimed at students pursuing a less technically oriented degree that still exposes them to a wide breadth of topics in Economics.

The Economics Minor gives students in other fields of study an exposure to the core economic concepts and an understanding of real world economic and policy issues. This module is a nice addition for those majoring or specializing in another discipline and signals a stronger background in economics.