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Western Economics researchers are expert in a number of areas of economics and would be pleased to speak to the media, students or other researchers about their work. To find an expert in a particular area, either select a researcher name below for a link to their research webpage and contact information or search by topic by clicking here.

Experts in their Fields

Victor Aguiar: Microeconomic Theory; Behavioral Economics; Consumer Theory; Revealed Preferences

Audra Bowlus:  Unemployment; Job Search; School-to-work Transition; Wage Differentials; Human Capital; Economic Impacts and Costs of Violence Against Women and Children

Elizabeth Caucutt: Family Policy

Tai-Yeong Chung: Government Contracts; Industry Policy

Simona Cociuba: Macroeconomics; Labour Economics; Financial Economics

Tim Conley: Statistics/Econometrics; Stimulus Spending; Economic Development in Developing Countries

Jim Davies: Distribution of Wealth (Canada and other countries); Canadian Tax Policy (personal, not corporate/business taxes) – Income Tax; GST; Budgets

Maria Goltsman: Game Theory; Strategic Analysis of Communication

Nail Kashaev: Econometric Theory; Applied Econometrics; Industrial Organization

Lance Lochner: Effects of Education on Crime; Financing Higher Education; Early Childhood Development

Jim MacGee: Consumer Debt; Bankruptcy; Housing; Sovereign Debt

Nirav Mehta:  Competition in Public Education

Salvador Navarro: Crime; Discrimination; Productivity

Greg Pavlov: Collusion; Optimal Selling Strategies; Price Discrimination

Ananth Ramanarayanan:  International Trade; Sovereign Debt

David Rivers:  Productivity; Crime

Chris Robinson: Human Capital; Skills

Charles Saunders: Simulation-Based Inference; Dynamic Panel Models; Mixed-Frequency; Forecast Evaluation; Productivity; Spatial Models

Terry Sicular: China’s Economy; Developing Economies; Income Distribution

Al Slivinski: Charities and Charitable Giving; Competition Policy

Lars Stentoft: Financial Econometrics and Computational Finance

Todd Stinebrickner: Higher Education; Educational Attainment

Peter Streufert: Game Theory; Use of Mathematics in Economics

John Whalley: General Equilibrium; Trade; Public Finance; Taxes; China and the Asian Economies; Environmental Economics (Climate Change)

Charles Zheng: Auction Theory; Chinese History